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Python Jobs

Coders have limitless directions they can go as far as finding employment. Python jobs, long a destination for those who looking to get into web development, video games and graphic user interfaces are finding their world has expanded. Python programming jobs can take them into the worlds of data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and automation. Its a field ripe with possibilities.

Entry-Level Python Programming Jobs

Candidates for entry-level Python jobs would do best to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, management information science, or experience in Python or a field related to Python development. It's also helpful to have the following attributes:

  • An understanding of how Python interacts with other systems and databases
  • Strong interpersonal skills to collaborate with other team members
  • Clear communication skills for writing concise project reports

How Much Do Python Jobs Pay?

The median pay for a software developer with a bachelor's degree was $103,560. However, computer programmers are likely to earn around $82,240. The 10-year job outlook from 2016 for the former is around 24 percent, which is much faster than average, but the job outlook for the latter is much less positive at a 7 percent decline.

However, there are still plenty of jobs available, and because Python is a language, there are plenty of uses for it, and Python developers are in demand. The minimalist nature of the language ensures that code is clear and pythonic.

Educational Requirements for Python Jobs

Many Python programmers start with a bachelor's degree in programming or computer science, often focusing on a number of languages. Master's degrees can be helpful, particularly those focusing solely on Python.

However, some Python programmers start completely differently and end up learning how to program in Python thanks to slowly changing job requirements.

Typically, you need to learn the core Python language, including syntax, basic types, and the difference between Python 2 and Python 3 and then get some experience working with commonly used modules or in writing code for interacting with databases, notably PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Ultimately, there are dozens of Python jobs available at any one time, and these can be highly lucrative. A solid understanding of the languages involved and how they interact with both front-end and back-end helps you get your foot in the door.

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